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If your time in the gym were limited, squats are the one back exercise and strength building lift you would want to concentrate on. This stretching exercise and lower back exercise actually strengthens the entire body. Combining stretching exercises with squats and other back exercises will sculpt your body into a well toned machine.

Squats work more of the body's muscles in one rep than does any other lift. Squats build muscle in the legs, knees, abs, upper back, and even the arms, all this on top of being a fantastic lower back exercise. No other lift in this or any other workout programs has more muscle building benefit.

How to do squats

In order for your workout plans to fully benefit from squats and avoid injury, you must do perform squats with correct technique.

Step 1: Do some thorough stretching exercises before starting
Step 2: Unrack the bar with the barbell squarely on your back between the shoulders and step back.
Step 3: Think about proper technique. The squat is an easy lift to do incorrectly. Make sure you keep your chest up, look forward, get a narrow grip on the bar with thumbs on top of the bar, keep your wrists straight and elbows back, have your feet shoulder width apart, and weight on heels. Review this step a few times.
Step 4: Squat down: Keep your hips back like you're sitting on a toilet and keep knees out and over your toes. Squat down so your knees are parallel.
Step 5: Stand back up. Keep your hips up, squeeze your glutes, keep knees out and don't let them buckle, and keep your weight on your heels. Squats are a back exercise so make sure it feels like you're doing a lower back exercise.

Before you start doing squats for real in your workout plans, make sure you're doing everything with correct technique. Start with just the barbell, no weight on either end. Have a gym buddy or professional judge your technique. If you need more guidance, don't be afraid to ask an experienced lifter or one of the gym professionals for help. Doing squats incorrectly will almost certainly result in injury.

Remember, squats are vital to your workout plans, but "parallel squats" aren't your only squatting options. Back exercise variations of squats are great muscle building opportunities as well as fantastic stretching exercises. These variations can be used by a hardgainer if squats are too difficult or you've suffered an injury.

Alternative Squat Excercises: The leg press and hack squat

The leg press is performed on a machine called a sled. The sled doesn't work as many muscles as regular squats do but is a safer and easier lift to learn. Use this when injured or otherwise unable to do regular squats.

Hack squats are similar to regular squats but is also done on the sled. Instead of placing a barbell on your back, you use a specially designed sled to perform a lift similar to squats. Ask a gym professional about these two lifts if you think you might need to use them in your workout programs.

Remember, master squats for the best muscle building results.


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Hardgainer Tip: 1 Easy Way To Gain Weight Fast!


I was going through all the feedback I've been getting from my blog and I came across an interesting trend amongst the obstacles and challenges that's holding alot of guys especially people like me (hardgainers) back from gaining weight and building muscle.

And it seems as though the #1 obstacle holding hardgainers back is a good knowledge of the basics.
Alot of guys are lacking the fundamental principals they ought to know if they want to build muscle consistently and with less effort.

I'm still compiling my hardgainers guide which will reveal all of this to you. It's designed to give you the basic knowledge you NEED to know if you want to see consistent muscle gains. Because if you're a hardgainer and you're trying to build muscle fast than you're going to have to do things a bit different from everyone else and if you don't know what those key things are than you'll be spinning your wheels, and wasting a whole lot of effort fro minimal gains.

So today I wanted to share with you the easiest way to gain weight fast.

But before I do, I have to take a step back and go over a fundamental principle for gaining weight and building muscle. In order to gain weight you have to consume an EXCESS amount of calories.

So what do I mean by excess?

You have to consume more calories than your body burns to get get through each day. For example, if your body burns 2,000 calories each day you NEED to consume MORE THAN 2,000 calories to gain weight and build muscle.

After saying that, it's important to point out that you should be getting most of your calories from 1. protein, 2. good carbs, and 3. good fats.

I'm not going to dive in too deep into each of these right now. Just keep in mind that your calories should come from "good" whole food sources rather than junk food. Note that 24g of carbs from potato chips is not the same as 24g of carbs from whole wheat bread.

Ok, so here's the EASIEST way to consume MORE good calories each day to gain weight and build muscle.

You ready?

Ok, drum roll...................

1. Start off by drinking 1 glass of milk after every meal
2. Each week drink at least 1 more glass of milk than the previous week until you reach a gallon a day.

That's it.

I don't know if I told you this but low fat milk is my SECRET WEAPON to building muscle. After every meal, I drink a tall glass of low fat milk. Why is this so effective?

Think about it....

1 cup of low fat milk contains:

8g of protein
14g of carbs

Now multiply those numbers by 6 (since I typically eat 6 meals a day), that's:

48g of EXTRA protein / day (just from milk)
84g of EXTRA carbs / day (just from milk)

That 48g of EXTRA protein and those 84g of EXTRA carbs from milk could mean the difference between your body being in a calorie deficit (you lose weight or remain skinny) and your body being in a calorie SURPLUS (building muscle and gaining weight). And all you have to do is drink some milk.

So if you're having trouble adding more protein and more "good" carbs to your diet just use my secret weapon and DRINK SOME MILK (less effort is the name of the game - you don't have to go out and buy all these protein powders and muscle potions just drink some milk).

Hope this helped,


P.S. - Leave a comment and let me know if this helped you out or not. Also let me know if you have any questions as I'm sure you might after reading this post.

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Whoever said milk does a body good And that's on top of my meals which 40g of protein each. So I'll let you do the math increase the amount of cups